Affiliate Commission Program

Affiliate Program

Instructions for Participating in Our Affiliate Commission Program

Web Cards will pay you a commission on every order for Web Cards coming from your visitors.

Web Cards will also pay you $1 for each quality lead who clicks on our banner and requests a free sample by filling out the online form. Note: A quality lead is someone who is fills out the form completely, with a real email address. “Fake” leads or bulk form submissions will not credit your account and may cause us to dismiss you from our program.

This program is appropriate for sites used by webmasters, site owners, and marketing professionals and is not intended for sites used by consumers in general. Potential affiliates must apply to the Web Cards Affiliate Program through the web site.

Only business to business websites in the United States and Canada will be admitted.

Affiliate Commission Program

Web Cards affiliate program code cannot be used for spamming via email messages or newsgroup postings. Any affiliate doing this will be eliminated from the program.

Please review the important requirements for acceptance into the Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Requirements

Before applying for the Web Cards Affiliate Program, please be sure your Web Site meets these Key Program Requirements:

  • Your site must be live.
  • Your site content should be Business to Business oriented.
  • Please submit only one site per application.
  • Only business to business websites in the United States and Canada will be admitted.

But don’t worry! If your site isn’t eligible right now, it can be later! Here’s how:

  • Request again when your site is live. Allow at least two business days from this date to do so.

Don’t forget to come back and try your request again!

In addition, some sites may be deemed unsuitable for the program. Should your site contain, or include, any of the following, you will not be eligible for the program:

  • Hate/offensive/violent content
  • Lewd/pornographic content
  • A non-U.S.-based address and/or site
  • Aesthetically unpleasing content
  • Abusive or irresponsible promotion of Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs
  • Use of the word “sex” gratuitously or excessively
  • Gambling, firearms, games of chance, and lotteries

Setup Policy

WebCards will set up your card at no additional charge if you supply us the text, logos, and images with an existing layout in mind or if you supply us with URL (web page) and text. Our experienced artist will arrange an on-line proof for your review. Extensive image editing is not included. Web Cards does not have the resources to design cards, create artwork, or edit images.

Editing Charges:
One of our Web Card artists will be assigned your card for layout. ( If you have any specific comments about your cards layout, please call us or email us. It’s best to address them on your original order.) Your artist will set up your card in the most effective layout. They will then send you an email with the URL for you to see your first proof online. Then you can approve it for printing or email your artist any corrections in layout, design or typos you have discovered. Its important that you proof read everything at this point. We will then revise your card and post a new *proof at no charge.

* Note: additional editing after this 2nd proof is chargeable at $20.00 a session.


You may be wondering how we can layout the text on the first try with an order. Here are a few tip that help us to set up your card quickly:

For Online Orders use the Special Instructions Box or send us an email to describe your desired text layout. This could inlude font size (in points), center vs. left or right justified, and how much space you want to cover. Typically we leave the right side of the back of the card blank so that cards may be properly mailed.

Send us an email at [email protected] with a rough draft of the layout. Perhaps an image created in a photo program or even a Word® document that demonstrates the formatting. These visual aid can be a great help.

If you place an Online Order, you will receive an Order Number. Use this number whenever you need to discuss your order by email or telephone.