Business Cards

At Castlereagh we go beyond conventional servicing to help you in more ways than most other printers. From working with conventional art and mechanicals to electronic files… printing in black and white to six colors in a single pass… standard to high resolution 200 line screen… to special coatings, die-cuts, folds, wraps and binding – Castlereagh can do it all.

Whether you’re an advertising agency, a publisher, design studio, large corporation or small business, we can accommodate your needs and assure your satisfaction. The following list illustrates the scope of our equipment resources:

Scitex Brisque Impose Workstation
DS 2010 Hi-Res Scanner
CTP Scitex/Lotem 800V Platesetter with Turbo Screening
Heidelberg Topaz Hi-Res Scanner
Dolev 800V Hi-Res Imagesetter 33″x44″
Power Mac Workstations
Scitex Improof Color Proofer

Misomex 500 Step & Repeat Auto Stripper
Enco-matic Naps Auto Color Key Developer
Dupont WaterProof® System
Polaroid PolaProof System
Agfa Dry Press Match
Aqueous Plate Processor
Dupont Film Processors

Business Cards

54″ Polar 137 Cutter with
Micro Cut Computer Processor
45″ Polar Cutter with
Micro Cut Computer Processor
30″x50″ MBO B-30 Continuous Feed Folder
23″x35″ MBO Continuous Feed Folder
20″x26″ MBO T-49 Pile Feeder
Macey 6-Pocket Saddle Stitcher with
Cover Folder/Feeder, and 4th and 5th Knife Trimming
Challenge Hydraulic Round Corner Machine
Challenge 3-Head Hole Drill
Shrink Wrapping

Heidelberg 6-color 28″x40″ Press with
In-Line Aqueous Coater and Extended Delivery
Heidelberg 6-color 28″x40″ Perfecting Press with
In-Line Aqueous Coater
Heidelberg 5-color 28″x40″ Perfecting Press
Komori 6-color 20″x28″ Press
Heidelberg 2-color 28″x40″ Press
Heidelberg 1-color 19″x25.5″ Press
Heidelberg 30″ Die Cutter

How would you like to have 1000 free mini-calendars on the back of your 1000 full-color business cards? Your cards will be keepers for sure!
Our prices include free printing in black and white on the back of your full-color business cards. If you want something else, let us know. One-time design charges may be required for custom card backs.

Printing Quality Business Cards

Business Card Design Specifications

The following information applies equally to postcards as well as business cards with the exception of postcard size. Our standard postcard size is 6″ x 4″ , trimmed. However, it can be as large as 7.25 x 4.25, trimmed, plus 1/8 inch bleed. We consider 4 business cards spaces for use as a postcard. That area can be used, designed in anyway the customer sees fit at no additional cost.

Business Cards

File formats: We will only accept files created and saved in CMYK TIF or EPS, or PDF formats. We will not accept any other format.
Resolution: We will only accept files created and saved 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher. We will not accept images at any lower resolution. Please be sure that your image is 300 dpi or higher before sending it to us.
Image Size with Full Bleed: For Full Bleed business cards, Your card must 3.75 x 2.25 inches – 1/8″ around the edges is used for trimming. Final card size: 3.5 x 2 inches.
Image Size without Full Bleed: For non-bleed cards, your cards must be 3.5 x 2 inches. No extra space for trimming is required.

If your layout does not meet our design specs, there will be a charge for any time that we take to make the files right, minimum of $20.00.
Click on the image, below, to see how your card should be layed out.

Info Photo

We make the following disclaimer:
A. We assume that you have read and understand our design specifications.
B. No proof is required, it is assumed your file is print ready. However, we usually, provide an emailed pdf proof showing that we have received your file to allow you to confirm that it is what you were expecting.
C. All necessary color corrections and type adjustments have been made by you.
D. No changes are required from us.
E. We are not responsible for your typing errors.
F. We are not responsible for color faults or changes resulting from your design errors.
G. Any changes requiring any amount of time, correspondence or phone discussions to complete or modify a file will be charged at the rate of $65 per hour, minimum $20.
H. To train a designer to design the cards per our specifications is done at the rate of $65 per hour, minimum $20.
I. We guarantee the quality of our printing to the extent that we will reprint an order that there is an error directly related to a mistake on our part and ship it, regular UPS, at no cost to the customer. No cash refunds.