Web Cards now offers printed full-color, glossy bookmarks to serve as a great reminder to attract off-line attention to your online presence. Bookmarks are created with an image of your Web Site–or another digital image you supply. We can capture your image directly from the Web or you can send us a Quark, Photoshop or Illustrator file by email or on disk.

Bookmarks Online

We’ll help you set up your cards (often while we look at your site with you) at no extra charge and post a proof on line for you to check out. Set up usually takes about 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). After your approval, your order is shipped in approximately 5 days.
Prices start at $69 for 500 printed bookmarks. Above is our price list. Please ask us about quotations for larger quantities.


Qty. 2 x 6 2.5 x 8

 Back Side Printing

500 $69 $125 +$45
1000 $99 $175 +$60
2000 $150 $225 +$80
3000 $200 $275 +$100
4000 $240 $315 +$120
5000 $280 $355 +$140

Editing Charges:

One of our Web Cards artists will be assigned your card for layout. ( If you have any specific comments about your cards layout, please call us or email us. It’s best to address them on your original order.) Your artist will use their experience to set up your card in the most effective layout. They will then send you an email with the URL for you to see your first proof, so you can approve it for printing or email your artist any corrections in layout, design or typos you have discovered. Its important that you proof read everything at this point. We will then revise your card and post a new *proof at no charge.

* Note: additional editing after this 2nd proof is chargeable at $20.00 a session.