What Are Web Cards?
Web Cards are full-color printed postcards with an image from the Web on one side and a message printed in black ink on the reverse.


  • How can I use Web Cards to promote my Web Site? Where do we start?
    Many businesses send them to their mailing list to tell people they are on line. Schools give them to students to tell parents about the new web site. Real Estate agents use cards and door-hangers to announce listings. You can give them at trade shows, send them to people who don’t have access to the Web and announce changes at your site. Some people have even used them as Christmas cards. There are hundreds of uses.
  • How are my cards created?
    We take a screen capture of your Web Site directly from the Internet (or we can use files that you send to us). We then put that image together with any copy you require using Photoshop. Additional copy to go with the image is usually sent by email.
  • How do you print Web Cards?
    Web Cards are printed digitally. Images are captured from the Web and color separated in Photoshop. Your image is captured at 72 dpi (dots per inch) but reduced so that it prints at the equivalent of at least 150 dpi which is about the resolution of many magazines printed today. Cards are printed in CMYK color.
  • How well will my card match my Web Page?
    Most customers are surprised how faithfully their Web Business Cards match their online image. However, because of differences in calibration of monitors, some printed colors may not match exactly the colors on a specific monitor. In printing this is known as “pleasing color” rather than “exact PMS matching”. Also know that if you print your web page on a home printer you are most likely printing in RGB color, our print process use CMYK which may alter the color that you have produced at home. We are happy to send examples of other cards for you to compare with the Web Sites and check to see the level of color exactness.
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  • Can I see what my Web Card will look like before it is printed?
    Absolutely. A “proof” of your card will be posted to a web address faq created for it on line. We then email you a link to our On-line Approval Page that allows you to decide how to proceed with your specific order. Please use our On-line Approval Page to say you have seen it and approved it.
  • Is there a charge for changes to my proof?
    Normally, no. We are happy to make any changes to the proof that you require. The first time any changes are made there is no charge. After that there is an additional charge of $20 for each time we need to go back and change your file. Changes which require extensive special work may require additional charges.
  • What kind of paper are Web Cards printed on?
    The paper is 12 pt, cover weight, postcard stock, gloss-coated on one side and uncoated on the other. The color image from the Web or the image that you provide is printed on the gloss side while the black text is printed on the uncoated side.
  • What is the typical turn-around time?
    It usually takes about 2 days to setup your card at which point our artists will email you a link to an online proof. After you approve your proof, your cards will ship within 6 business days.

    If you have chosen mailing services, your cards will be mailed within 7 business days of your approval granted that you have supplied the appropriate mailing list.

    Orders that require perforations, scores, die-cutting, or other special alteration may require extended production time. If you need your cards in a hurry, let us know and we will work with you to arrange the fastest possible delivery.

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  • How do I order?
    You have several choices. The most popular is by submitting the online order form which outlines all the information required for your Web Cards. However many customers call their orders in to 1-877-222-3122. One of our representatives can take your order and work with you on any custom requirements you may have for adapting your Web Site image to the format of our postcards. Orders also can be FAXed or sent by mail.
  • How do I pay for my Web Cards?
    Most orders are paid by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Cards are not charged until the day the order is approved. We will send your order by UPS COD or you can send us a check while your order is being processed to avoid the COD charge.
  • How do you ship Web Cards?
    All US orders are shipped UPS GROUND, unless you make other arrangements with us. Click Here to view the UPS Ground delivery time map. International orders are shipped by International Parcel Post which can take 2-4 weeks. If you have your own account with UPS or Fedex, we can ship using your account number.
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  • How long does it take to get my order?
    A proof is typically generated in 48 hours from when the order is received. After a proof is approved, printing takes approximately 6 business days. Shipping by UPS takes from 2 to 6 days in the US depending on distance from New Jersey.
  • What if I am not happy with my Web Cards?
    All orders are fully guaranteed. If you are not completely happy, we will either do them over or refund your money.

  • Can I supply my own artwork?
    Yes. But there are limitations. We need to receive the files by email and they must be created in Photoshop, Quark or Illustrator. Also, the artwork cannot bleed off the edges of the card. If you are simply providing image files, we prefer JPEG and TIFF format. If not already done so, JPEG and TIFF images will be converted to CMYK color.
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  • How much copy can I put on my card?
    On the front side most users have two or three lines and include their Web address with their image. However, some have included as many as 10 lines of copy. It’s up to you.The same is true for the reverse side. Many people use the cards as mailers and only put copy on the left half leaving the right open for address and postage. The only limitation is the aesthetics of what is readable and attractive in the 4″x6″ or 5″x8″ space allowed. A choice of available typefaces is outlined at the site, however, any other typeface can be used if you supply it.
  • Can I bleed images off the edge of the card?
    Unfortunately, our system for creating Web Cards economically requires a slight ( ) border at the edge of each card. The only exception is that 4″x6″ cards can be printed in the 5″x8″ format (and charged accordingly) and then trimmed to 4″x6″ with a bleed border. 4×6 bleeds are charged at the 5×8 price. Click Here for more info on Bleeds.
  • Will my card have a “drop-shadow”?
    Normally, we put a “drop-shadow”, which is the grey shadow at the bottom and side of a Web Page image that gives it a 3-dimensional effect, on every card. But this is not a requirement. We just think it looks nicer!
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  • Do you print anything else?
    Yes, we can offer very competitive prices on commercial jobs. Call us at ….. for a quotation.
  • What is the Business Reply Mail permit?
    For an annual permit fee, a business reply mail (BRM) permit is available for distributing business reply cards, envelopes, self-mailers, cartons, and labels. BRM allows the permit holder to receive First-Class Mail and Priority Mail back from customers by paying postage only on the mail returned. The BRM permit holder guarantees payment of First-Class Mail postage plus a per piece charge for pieces returned by the USPS (see payment options below). When designing a BRM mailpiece or label, mailers must consult with their local post office. The piece must conform to a specific format to qualify as BRM, including a unique ZIP+4 code assigned by the USPS. Proofs for regular BRM should be approved by the USPS before printing. On the reverse is a layout example for a BRM envelope. BRM pieces distributed in automation rate mailings are required to meet automation compatibility standards. BRM templates are available on the Postal Explorer web site at http://www.print-services.com/ by selecting “Mail-piece Design” in the left frame.
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  • Can I get more samples?
    We have thousands in stock. If you would like to see others in your industry or profession, we will try to help you in any way we can. Click Here for Samples.
  • What are your operating hours?
    The office hours at Web Cards are USA/Canada Call Free: 1-877-222-3122, our Web site (www.Print-Services.com), FAX and email ([email protected]) are available at all times.