Mailing Services

Rent a Mailing List:

Mailing Services

Now you can search out the exact Mailing Services you are looking for. Break it down anyway you want; industry, location, size, age… The variables are endless. You can rent, and manage the list right from our site. Plan out the entire year’s direct mail campaign. Try a demo today.

Mailing Services

Provide your own list: can mail your printed postcards throughout the United States. You can provide your mailing list in Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® Excel, or tab/comma delimited text formats.

Addressing charges:
$.08 per card
Addressing is done directly on postcards. Be sure to plan for proper layout of postcards to allow for addressing and bar coding when planning your mailing.

Pricing includes zip+4 addressing, Post Office CASS certification of mailing list, zip code verification and bar coding for maximum postal discounts.

Postage Rates:
US Postal Service has a special first class rate for 4″x6″ postcards of 23 cents each. This is often discounted further with our bar coding and sorting. 5″x8″ postcards mail at regular first class rates of 37 cents each. Discounts are often available for Presorted First Class and Bulk Rate depending on size of Mailing Services and sorting.

List Rental Services

Rental Services

Web Business Cards has partnered with AccuData, a national provider of mailing and telemarketing lists. The core strength of their business is to provide you with access to every compiled list available in America, and to deliver the data in the format YOU need. Their highly trained representatives have real-time access to all the major marketing databases in the country. They are continuously trained on the strengths and weaknesses of each to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Whether you are a high volume list user or a first time mailer, AccuData has the right list for your direct marketing or telemarketing campaign

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